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I would say, the best wedding favours are those you can eat. A delicious, sweet treat!!!  


Personalised iced biscuits, delicate macarons, and indulgent cakesicles make perfect wedding favours. The favours can be personalised to complement the rest of your wedding décor. 


A special way to thank your guests and/or use as named place settings.

Wedding favours, cakesicles and macarons on a plate ._edited.jpg

Iced Biscuit Wedding Favours

Personalised biscuits are a lovely way to thank your guests. There are several shapes to choose from.

The biscuits can be custom designed with your initials and wedding date inscribed on them.

initial buiscuit favours.jpg
Hexagon biscuits with marble sugar paste _edited.png

Delicious Macaron Wedding Favours

Treat your guests to these delightful mouth-watering treats.

Our macarons come in a large selection of flavours and colours.

Raspberry macarons _edited.jpg
Macarons .jpg
Macarons cakesicles and biscuits_edited.jpg

Indulgent Cakesicles Wedding Favours

Treat your guests to an indulgent Belgian chocolate cakesicles.


Cakesicles are a chocolate shell surrounding a blend of cake & buttercream.

A mouthful of deliciousness!!!

Choose your favourite flavour chocolate & cake.  

Add some colour to your cakesicles, most colours are achievable!


Choose the ribbon to match the wedding theme!

Cakesicles on a plate_edited.jpg
Cakesicles on a plate _edited.jpg
Cakesicles on a plate_edited_edited.jpg
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