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Each cake is bespoke as such giving a set price is not possible. When we have discussed your design I will be able to give you a more accurate estimate.

The calculation for portions is based on finger portions.

The table below gives a starting price, based on a round cake, ganache coated with the finest Belgian chocolate, plain white sugar paste icing finish, or buttercream finish using locally produced Wensleydale butter .from the creamery in Hawes North Yorkshire.

chocolate cake with white and milk choco

Decorations such as flowers, piping, bas-relief etc, add to the price, there is also a delivery charge based on mileage.  For a more accurate quote get in touch

Paradise Cakes Pricing Table Feb23.png

Prices have been calculated on each tier being approximately 5 inches (12cm) tall.

The price of taller layers will be calculated separately.  

Please note, portion sizes may vary depending on the person/venue cutting the cake.

View and Download T&Cs for wedding cakes here

Favour Pricing



All the same size, design, and flavour, in a bag tied with ribbon.

Starting price £3.00 each with a minimum order of 20 


Choice of lemon, vanilla or cinnamon.


Two in a small box tied with ribbon. All the same colour and filling.
£4.00 a box minimum order 15 boxes 


We have a selection of colours & filling flavours to choose from.


All the same flavour & design, decorated with wedding sprinkles in a bag tied with ribbon.
Starting price £4.00 each minimum order 12. Other designs are available. A dairy free option is available. 


Cake filling choices are chocolate, vanilla, red velvet and lemon.


Chocolate choices are white, milk and dark.  All the chocolate used is finest quality Belgian.

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