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5 Things To Think About When Choosing Flowers For Your Cake

Updated: Feb 14, 2023

Hello, I'm Hannah, maker of bespoke luxury wedding cakes in North Yorkshire,

find out more about me. I specialise in making sugar flowers. I also enjoy using real flowers on a cake.

Hannah - Owner of The Paradise Cake Company

A bespoke wedding cake is enhanced by the addition of flowers. Making a plain cake more luxurious, stylish, and unique.

At The Paradise Cake Company based in Ripon North Yorkshire, we encourage the addition of flowers. I specialise in helping couples choose flowers for their wedding cake.


1. Design of the cake - or example, a rustic semi naked cake looks fantastic with fresh. Flowers. Sugar flowers or silk flowers are a good choice for iced cakes. Pressed flowers can also be used with great effect.

2. Personal taste - Whatever your taste in flowers there are ways to incorporate them into your cake design..

3. The style of your wedding will influence flower choices - For example, if you are having a Boho style wedding you probably would not chose a formal floral bouquet!!! Tying the flowers on your cake into the general theme and style of the wedding always looks great helping create aesthetic cohesion.

4. Quality and availability - Fresh flowers, suitable for placing on a cake are seasonal. I would not be comfortable putting flowers purchased for a supplier I don’t know on a cake. Many commercial flower growers tend to use harsh pesticides which cannot be removed from the delicate petals of a flower.

5. Budget - It is a good idea to have a budget for your cake flowers, the cost of flowers can soon add up. If you are on a limited budget then a few well-placed flowers with a good selection of foliage looks very impressive on a cake.

Wedding cake with fresh flower decoration by The Paradise Cake Company, Ripon
A three-tier butter cream wedding cake. Decorated with pressed edible, organic flowers, from Maddock Farm Organics. Mixed flowers including, pansies, daisies, peas, yarrow leaves & sweet cicely


Beautiful, delicate, natural, and perfect.

Fresh flowers have to be prepared with great care and skill. I see lots of cakes decorated with flowers & foliage that are toxic if ingested, or cause skin irritation if touched. I would not put my couples and guests at risk, there are lots of nontoxic flowers to choose from.

At The Paradise Cake Company we recommend organically grown flowers because the lack of pesticides and chemicals make them safe option to have on a cake. Having edible flowers on a wedding cake is very popular at the moment. Edible flowers can be used fresh, pressed or crystalized.

Pressed or crystalized flowers last longer on a cake.

Fresh flowers tend to wilt very quickly especially

on warm summer days.


At The Paradise Cake Company based in Ripon, North Yorkshire we specialise in sugar flowers. Sugar flowers are made of edible paste. The paste starts out soft & pliable but when it is exposed to the air it dries and sets hard.

Sugar florists must work quickly to make a flower before the paste dries out. Sugar flower paste can be used to make realistic or fantasy flowers. Both can look beautiful on a wedding cake. White flowers & foliage on a white cake looks very dramatic. Of course Sugar flowers are not sessional, so you can have any flower any time of year! The flowers can be chosen to match your colour scheme. Sugar flowers can look very realistic if the sugar florist has the skill.

Sugar flowers are delicate, and will break if mishandled. In a dry atmosphere the flowers will keep for years, they will droop in humid damp conditions. Take a look at some of the sugar flowers I have made.

A bowl of roses made from sugar.
A bowl of roses, these would look stunning on a wedding cake.

White plain wedding cake Decorated with pressed edible, organic flowers, from Maddock Farm Organics. Mixed flowers including, pansies, daisies, peas, yarrow leaves & sweet cicely

Choosing the best flowers to use on your wedding cake is generally down to personal choice, here at The Paradise Cake Company, we will guide you through the whole process including sourcing your choice of flowers from an ethical supplier.

We will guide and advise you when deciding on which style of flowers you want on your cake. We aim to make every cake a unique show stopping cake.

If you need help choosing flowers for your wedding cake get in touch. Choosing flowers for your wedding cake comes down to personal taste. Different options all have pros & cons.

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